Bobby Lashley Making Out With Lana Goes Viral In A Huge Way

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Bobby Lashley really surprised Rusev at the end of WWE Raw this week. Needless to say, The Bulgarian Brute didn’t expect his Universal Title match to end that way at all.

Lashley brought out Lana and then the two of them started making out hardcore. Plenty of people were shocked by this move, but the internet obviously loved it.

Currently, Lana’s make out session with Bobby Lashley is sitting at 1.1 million viewers after nine hours on YouTube. This is a huge number and reflects the shock factor of this segment. It also shows how interested the IWC was to see this angle go down.

Just to put it into perspective, the Miz TV segment with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan has 552,000 views as of this writing. Brock Lesnar destroying Rey Mysterio and Dominick has 1 million views, but the closing angle is still beating out that destruction.

Needless to say, WWE might have stuck gold with this angle.

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