Nyla Rose Reveals Hilarious Pick Up Line Someone Used On Her

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Nyla Rose is currently focused on her big AEW Women’s Title match at All Elite Wrestling’s TNT debut. Thankfully, she can still take the time out of her day to let fans know what kind of randoms are hitting on her.

The AEW star was apparently recently at the gym when she had a very random encounter from across the parking lot. We’re not sure why this guy picked these words, but Nyla Rose soon found herself getting hit on in a very unique way.

Ok… SO!
Cat calling is obnoxious among other things. Agreed? Agreed!

But I think I’ve just gotten The best one.

i’m in workout gear and from across the parking lot, some gentleman caller shouts:

“Woooo! Popped a Molly I’m sweatin’! GAHTDAMN BABBY!!!”

BRUH! Like wtf?!

It doesn’t sound like Nyla Rose was interested, still you can’t blame a guy for shooting his shot. Maybe next time he’ll choose a sentence that actually makes sense when flirting from across a parking lot.

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