Enzo Amore Says Vince McMahon ‘The Craziest Motherf*cker I’ve Ever Met’

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Vince McMahon is an absolute legend in sports and entertainment. He has made a big impression on the world around him and stands as an incredibly unique individual as well.

Ya Neva Know podcast recently spoke to Enzo Amore and Vince McMahon came up in the conversation. Amore spoke about how crazy McMahon is and how he’s pretty sure that McMahon partied it up with the legends.

“Vince is the craziest motherf*cker I’ve ever met because he works like a dog. He sleeps three hours a night. He’s a control freak; he freaks out if he sneezes because he can’t control it. So if he sneezes, he doesn’t like that function because he can’t control it.”

“He lifts at 3:00 AM. He works out in the gym like a sick f*ck. I’m pretty sure he partied his ass off back in the day and lived it with all the boys and saw a crazy life for a long time. He’s friends with Donald Trump; his wife was in the cabinet. He runs it the f*ck up.”

It just goes to show that Vince McMahon makes quite an impression on anyone he meets. There will never be another one like him, that’s for sure.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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