Tommaso Ciampa has been described as a lot of things, but “adorable” might not come around very often. That was of course, until Kevin Owens decided to share a picture of the Sicilian Psychopath.

Owens uploaded a picture of his daughter walking hand-in-hand with Tommaso Ciampa. The former DIY member was also holding his own child as they walked along.

This picture didn’t show Ciampa’s face, but everyone could see the beard and fans all over immediately pegged the former NXT Champion.

My daughter and her friend.


Perhaps Owens and Ciampa were discussing how they both had to relinquish the NXT Title. Owens needed to give up the title due to being called up to the main roster and Ciampa had a neck injury which meant he had to drop Goldie.

Kevin Owens dropped a teaser that he might be going back to NXT as well. So, the two probably had a lot to talk about while they enjoyed the day with their families.

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H Jenkins

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