Kevin Owens Could Be Headed To Back To NXT

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Kevin Owens was fired during the conclusion of SmackDown Live this week. That doesn’t mean he’s out of WWE entirely.

Owens didn’t spend much time in NXT even though he became the NXT Champion. KO was actually holding the NXT Title when he made his main roster debut.

After Owens was fired by Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live this week, he tweeted out something very interesting. He sent out three numbers in a tweet, but those number could signify something very interesting


If you break down the placement of each letter in the alphabet with the numbers Owens tweeted it spells out N-X-T. This wasn’t lost on fans, therefore, it seems like Owens is teasing an NXT return.

Let’s just see what happens, but if Owens ends up coming over to NXT for any reason it could definitely create a must-see television situation.

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