Kenny Omega lost a very big match to Pac at All Out and it doesn’t appear that he’s taking it too well.

On the most recent episode of Being The Elite, Kenny Omega appeared in a BTE Mailbag segment and he didn’t seem like himself at all.

They did not outright announce that Omega was intoxicated, but this video was not in his usual alert and sober articulate manner of speaking.

“BTE Mailbag it’s that first one after All Out and everyone, I know what you’re thinking. How does it feel losing the big one and how you gonna beat Moxley now if you lose to Pac just like that.”


“The thing is, do you think I case. Because I love the people, yeah it’s the cheers that get me through it, brother. It’s the cheers that get me through it and I’m always gonna be looking up to the high heavens and I’m gonna ask for everyone for those cheers to rain down on me and I love you, people.”

Kenny Omega kept saying, “I love you, people.” Then he said, “Look what you’ve done to me, Jon.” The camera cut to The Young Bucks as they were watching this video in Nick Jackson’s editing suite and the brothers had a conversation about Omega’s antics.

“That’s rough,” Matt said while icing his shoulder. Then Nick Jackson said he can’t put it on Being The Elite.

Nick and Matt Jackson implied that they have covered up for Kenny Omega in the past. They also made a comment about how hard it is to get a video from Omega so they can’t ask for him to re-shoot it. The two seemed a bit worried because Matt Jackson said Kenny’s sent in videos like this before.

They are tired of covering for Kenny Omega and Nick said so himself. Matt tried to reason with his brother, but the overall consensus is that something is wrong with Kenny Omega and he seems very upset about his loss at All Out.

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