Tony Khan is committed to helping AEW bring a new type of pro wrestling to a national audience that they haven’t seen before. He commented after All Out saying that he wants it to spread like a virus.

Although using a comparison like “virus” to pro wrestling might seem negative, it is not necessarily a bad thing. During the media scrum following All Out, Tony Khan told a story about being a young pro wrestling fan without anyone to talk to about wrestling. Then once the Attitude Era hit and everyone wanted to talk about wrestling it certainly spread like a virus which is his intention to do once again.

“I believe that there are a lot more wrestling fans who are not watching wrestling in the last few years than there are wrestling fans that have been actively watching wrestling and I really hope that all of us can collectively convince not just me and all the people in the company, but the fans can kinda spread the virus and get more people people to embrace watching wrestling again every week because it was certainly a habit for more people when I was growing up and honestly, it wasn’t that way like a few years before that.”

“When I was starting high school wrestling was in kind of a down period. I was obsessed with wrestling and I probably wasn’t that cool and not a lot of people wanted to talk to me about it and a couple of years later when wrestling was the biggest thing in the world and everyone would want to talk to me about it. I would try to spread that virus I would always wanted to have people come over and talk about it because I was the kid that people wanted to talk to about wrestling because people knew that I knew a lot about wrestling.”


“So what I would say about it is that anybody who would flip through the channels and would be willing to watch a wrestling show to give ours a chance because if you’ve ever enjoyed a wrestling show. We try to give people different things that they want to see.”

“For me, I believe that we’ve got an audience of people who are super committed to what we’re doing, but I think when we get to a platform like this to show people the quality of the wrestling we’re bringing and the commitment to the wrestling that I don’t think has been seen on national television as far as the bell to bell aspect of it as far as taking the matches seriously even the referees — giving everyone an outlet to perform and show their personality.”

The Wednesday Night Wars could very well cause another resurgence in interest for professional wrestling. That means so many fans could be suddenly more popular if they have been keeping up with sports entertainment during some of its recent darker periods.

It certainly seems like things are looking up and AEW could be thanked for a lot of that progression in the right direction.

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