NXT Superstar Says WWE Didn’t Inform Them About Merchandise

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WWE Superstars have a lot of different milestones and receiving a t-shirt is absolutely one of them. The Forgotten Sons now have merch, but apparently, nobody told them about it.

Steve Cutler tweeted out that it’s great that he can increase his income and help out his family, but WWE didn’t even let him know that the Forgotten Sons were getting an official t-shirt in the first place.

Funny how you aren’t a chosen one, not notified by the company but rather by fans of the release to your first ever piece of merchandise to increase your income to better your family’s lifestyle. Go buy our merch!!!

This had to have been a big surprise for Cutler to discover, but knowing about this merch ahead of time might have been useful too. Perhaps this is just another example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing in WWE once again.


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