Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House Characters Make RAW Cameos You Might Have Missed

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WWE repackaged Bray Wyatt in a big way and the Firefly Fun House was born. However, he has yet to make a return to the ring with his new gimmick.

Wyatt was backstage at WWE Stomping Grounds and he was backstage at Raw last week as well. We didn’t get to see Wyatt this week, but Abby The Witch made a very quick guest appearance.

If you blinked then you might have missed it, but as The Miz was walking down the hallway and cleaning his glasses, Abby poked her head around the corner. This was a very quick cameo and no other attention was drawn to it.

In another scene, Mercy The Buzzard appeared behind Kofi Kingston. So the Firefly Fun House characters are out. Let’s just see how long it takes before Bray Wyatt is seen as well.

This is very interesting and could give fans a lot of hope that WWE will be slowly bringing Bray Wyatt back into the WWE Universe to give his complex new character a proper re-introduction.

As we previously reported Bray Wyatt is now officially back on the road with WWE as of this week.

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