Edge and Christian begin today’s Q&A episode.

The first listener asks Edge and Christian to name a move that appears to be easy to execute but actually isn’t. Christian says most moves came naturally when he started training to be a wrestler but he always had trouble with monkey flips. Edge agrees, noting that monkey flips aren’t as easy as they look, but Rob Van Dam is so strong that he was always able to deliver them perfectly.

Another listener asks both men to name their favourite match that features each other. Edge says Christian was always great at putting matches together, and this enabled him to have a great series of matches with methodical workers like Randy Orton and William Regal.

Christian says the key to putting together a great match is focusing on your strengths and staying away from your weaknesses. If your opponent doesn’t throw a great punch, then don’t have him throw punches during the match.


Christian says his favourite Edge match was Edge’s WrestleMania match against Undertaker. Every wrestler’s dream is to main event WrestleMania with the Championship on the line and Edge was able to accomplish that.

A fan asks both men to put together a triple threat match that features one talent from WWE, one from NXT, and one from NXT UK. Christian says he’d like to see a triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Adam Cole and Tyler Bate. Edge points out that a variance of styles always makes for a great triple threat match. For this reason he’d like to see Brock Lesnar square off against Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Edge and Christian if the Montreal Screwjob was a work or a shoot. Both men note that they were there that night and it was definitely a shoot.

The fan also asks both men if they consider Bret Hart to be the best of all time. Edge notes that Bret might be the best of all time, both as a wrestler and as a man, but admits that the “best of all time” is very subjective and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Christian agrees entirely, but notes that Bret Hart has to be in the conversation for best of all time.

Another fan asks both men to name the greatest wrestler who never held the WWE Title. Edge names Mr. Perfect and Barry Windham and Christian mentions Jake “The Snake” Roberts as well. They also mention Rick Rude and Ted DiBiase. Edge points out that it was a different era back then and Champions held the Title for 4-5 years at a time so it wasn’t spread around as much.

The next listener asks Edge and Christian who the sweatiest wrestler to work with was. They both agree with the listener that Shane McMahon is quite sweaty, but they also mention Mark Henry and Goldust. Edge notes that sometimes Goldust would turn his head and steam would come out of his suit.

A listener writes into the show and asks both men if they like the 24/7 Title. Christian says he likes what he’s seen from the Title chase so far. It allows a lot of deserving talent to get television time and show a different side of their characters. He says he’d like to see Corey Graves get a run with the Title, and Edge points out that maybe Renee Young can get involved then too.

Another listener asks both men how they would book a Big E heel turn on Kofi Kingston. Christian notes that they’d have to get as much heat out of the turn as possible, so Big E would have to cost Kingston the Title. Edge agrees, and then wonders which side Xavier Woods would take in the feud because he’d be stuck in the middle.

A fan writes into the show and asks Edge about the process of working with a new opponent for the first time. Edge says everyone is different but he would prefer just getting in the ring for the match and feeling it out. Some other talents might prefer working out how to take finishing moves though, especially if it’s a move they haven’t taken before. Edge points out that he and Eddie Guerrero didn’t think they really clicked in the ring until their 10th match.

Another listener asks Edge about his reaction to Christian leaving for TNA back in the day. Edge says he understood completely when Christian told him he was leaving for TNA. Things just weren’t working out for Christian creatively in WWE, and he wanted to go prove what he could do somewhere else and that’s exactly what he did.

That sums up this week’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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