E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap – Corey Graves As 24/7 Champion, Sweatiest Wrestler to Work With, Is Bret Hart the Best of All Time? More!

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Edge and Christian begin today’s Q&A episode.

The first listener asks Edge and Christian to name a move that appears to be easy to execute but actually isn’t. Christian says most moves came naturally when he started training to be a wrestler but he always had trouble with monkey flips. Edge agrees, noting that monkey flips aren’t as easy as they look, but Rob Van Dam is so strong that he was always able to deliver them perfectly.

Another listener asks both men to name their favourite match that features each other. Edge says Christian was always great at putting matches together, and this enabled him to have a great series of matches with methodical workers like Randy Orton and William Regal.

Christian says the key to putting together a great match is focusing on your strengths and staying away from your weaknesses. If your opponent doesn’t throw a great punch, then don’t have him throw punches during the match.

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