WWE keeps track of future Superstars and will sometimes follow them for a long time with hopes that they will be able to eventually secure them to a contract. One of their top prospects was Gable Steveson, but that might not be happening now.

KSTP reports that “Gable Steveson along with 21-year-old Dylan Martinez are the subjects of a criminal investigation.” Both men are being held in suspicion of sexual misconduct.

Gable Steveson even got one-on-one training with Brock Lesnar not too long ago. This is a big sign that WWE saw huge potential in him and you can check out footage of Lesnar working with Steveson here.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how bad of a situation this is for both Steveson and WWE because the company has been keeping a very close eye on him since he was in high school.


“Yeah by the 2020 Olympics they thought he’d be a monster multiple time NCAA Champion — of course he hasn’t done that yet, but you know. He was considered the best amateur wrestler to come out of the state of Minnesota which is high praise because a lot of great wrestlers have come out of Minnesota, but he was arrested last night. Details of the situation have not been released.”

“He’s been suspended and I mean if there’s anything on that that’s something that might be it for it. It could easily be it for him. Another thing is it’s awful hard to come back from that, you know.”

“I’m not saying it’s dead that he could go to WWE, but if there’s a conviction there I think he probably could not go to WWE and WWE has had their eyes on him since he was in high school.”

Hopefully, Steveson was not involved in a sexual misconduct case, but if he did the crime then the law will need to take appropriate action. It would be a big shame to lose such a prospect for WWE, but we will know more as time goes on in this still-developing story.

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