EC3 Comments That He’s In The ‘Bottom 1%’

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EC3 had a ton of promise when he got his main roster call-up in WWE. He has a great look and can work the microphone. He is also pretty funny and can work in the ring. However, things have not panned out for him at all.

He is currently chasing the WWE 24/7 Title around with so many guys on the lower portion of the card. It shouldn’t have been like this, but fans didn’t react well to him in a short program with Dean Ambrose. This soured McMahon on EC3 quickly.

Now that McMahon might have moved onto other toys, EC3 is still left on the roster with little to do.

EC3 recently commented on Instagram that he’s in the “bottom 1%.” He also included a picture of himself in what we can only imagine is the back of a Lyft driver’s ride. Robert Strauss seemed to love it as he commented saying that he knew this would happen. He’s probably talking about the awkward travel situation for Carter.

Hopefully, EC3 can turn things around, but it’s not looking good right now.

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