They call Cesaro the Swiss Superman for a very obvious reason: he’s a genetic freak, and his strength is utterly overwhelming. To be honest, a lot of fans are stunned that he hasn’t already been thrust into the world title scene after all these years.

Even with a reputation like that, however, Cesaro isn’t going to be immune from the occasional injury. Last night the former United States Champion seemed to land pretty badly on his ankle, leading many to think that there was a serious problem.

Thankfully for fans of the man himself and great wrestling, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet has indicated that, according to a source, the knee doesn’t appear to be too serious and Cesaro should be okay.

He could’ve always just been hiding it exceptionally well, in which case we’ll probably find out more information about this potential issue as the weeks go on.


If he is okay, though, then that’s great news as he finally seems to be hitting his stride as a singles star. It’s still going to take some time for him to climb up to the top of the mountain, if he ever does, but he’s certainly on the right track.

Every single week he goes out there and proves to the world that he is one of the best in the business, and that’s a powerful thing. Maybe, just maybe, this time next year we’ll be talking about him as a world champion.

Who really knows at this point?

Harry Kettle

Sports writer covering pro wrestling, MMA & football. Forever dreaming of a world where Jeff Hardy wins the strap one more time.

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