Steps WWE Took To Ensure Superstars Were Taken Care Of In Saudi Arabia

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WWE held their third Saudi Arabian event on Friday and it was a very hot night in Jeddah. It was over 90 degrees in the stadium, but it was reportedly over 100 degrees in the ring. Needless to say, wrestling in that kind of heat can get rather dangerous.

Superstars were able to get through their matches without passing out due to dehydration. This is a very good thing, but it might have been contributed to steps WWE took to make sure their Superstars didn’t suffer this issue.

Fightful reports that WWE was handing out “Hydration salt beverages” to their Superstars while in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. It was said that these drinks “tasted terrible,” but they obviously helped.

It is a great thing that WWE thought ahead and took these measures. Because at around 105 degrees in the ring there could have been some disastrous results if they weren’t very careful.

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