Jon Moxley’s AEW debut made a lot of people very happy, but Vince McMahon was not one of those people. Instead, McMahon was reportedly furious after Mox worked him.

Brad Shepard reported on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Vince McMahon did not watch AEW Double Or Nothing. However, he was very upset about Moxley’s debut because he was under the impression that Dean Ambrose would be making a return to the company eventually.

“Vince was actually — he was actually furious about something, what could that be you ask? Well, he was fuming mad because and I have confirmed this with multiple sources Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley worked Vince McMahon and WWE absolutely he worked everybody.”

Moxley gave the impression that he wouldn’t be gone from WWE for long or he would come back eventually “like in the Fall.”


“So that was literally the expectation that he gave WWE. He lied to Vince, he lied to everybody and said he was just going to make a movie in Hollywood.”

“So WWE would have never given him such a nice long send-off if they thought he was going to AEW, that’s what I was told.”

Jon Moxley doesn’t have to worry about WWE anymore because he is free to do as he pleases. This not only includes working with AEW, but he is also now officially part of the NJPW roster as well.

However, Vince McMahon had a much different idea about what the former Dean Ambrose was going to do which is not what happened at all.

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