MJF Ejected From Starrcast Event

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MJF showed up for the Taz Show at Starrcast, but he didn’t last long after that. Because the AEW star soon found himself headed toward the door with the help of Starrcast security.

For some reason Conrad Thompson doesn’t like MJF. Perhaps it’s because Friedman calls Thompson “turkey t*ts,” but that’s beside the point. It was well-known that MJF was not invited to Starrcast.

The AEW star tried to stick around Starrcast and get by while wearing a Rastafarian disguise. However, this did not help. Because security soon saw him and was ushering MJF out of the door.

The entire time this was going on MJF was causing a scene and screaming insults at security while saying: “I’M SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!” Everyone seemed to really enjoy this extra entertainment at Starrcast.

Maybe MJF would have been able to pull off his disguise if he would have taken off the overly expensive scarf . Because that might have been a dead give away since most Rastafarians don’t wear Burberry.

(Thanks to Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net for contributing)

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