WWE Raw Results – May 6, 2019

We’re back live and Sami Zayn is in the ring. He asks the fans what they might have to complain about tonight. He says we’re getting two awesome matches tonight and they sound happy right now, but after the show ends we go right back to being our same selves. The commentators are literally talking over Zayn’s promo. Sami calls them lazy and cowards. He says he can almost hear the critics already…

Braun Strowman has seemingly heard enough and he comes to the ring. Strowman stares and Sami taunts him to get in the ring. As Braun does, Sami gets out of dodge and leaves through the crowd. Braun jumps over the barricade and cuts him off. Strowman chases Zayn back around the ring and towards backstage.

Lucha House Party make their way to the ring but we cut backstage to see Sami running from Braun. He meets a dead end at a garage door and Braun has him cornered. Zayn tries to reason with Braun before throwing boxes at him. The garage door opens and Zayn tries to escape but Braun grabs hold of him and throws him into a dumpster. Suddenly and oh-so conveniently, a dump truck appears and tosses the dumpster into the back.

Lucha House Party Vs. Unknown Jobbers

The bell rings and Lucha House Party immediately take out two of the jobbers with some aerial moves. We’re left with one jobber, who Kalisto takes out with Salida Del Sol. Gran Metallik follows up with a diving elbow drop. Lince Dorado finishes the guy off with a shooting star press for the win. Waste o’ time.

Winners: Lucha House Party

Still to come, our two WrestleMania rematches.

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We see Natalya and Naomi backstage, both holding envelopes. Natalya reads the letter aloud and it’s from Lacey Evans, requesting they come ringside tonight in formal wear. Dana Brooke walks up and she has one as well. They aren’t happy. Naomi points out that they are the three women in Money In The Bank ladder match. Naomi notices that the invitation smells like peach cobbler.

We see The Miz, still camped outside Shane’s office, awaiting his arrival.

Ricochet is in the ring, ready to defend his position in the Money In The Bank ladder match. No real reason why Ricochet’s position in the match is on the line, except that Roode scored a pinfall over him a few weeks ago.

Ricochet Vs. Robert rOODE

The bell rings and Roode takes Ricochet down and stomps him in the corner. Ricochet responds with a picture-perfect dropkick. He goes to the apron and looks for a springboard but Roode shoves his feet and knocks him to the floor.

Roode slams Ricochet into the ring apron before slamming him into it. He covers Ricochet in the apron and unloads punches. He drags Ricochet into the ring and scores a two count. Roode applies a headlock but Ricochet quickly fights out, only to be floored with a clothesline.

Ricochet creates some distance and looks for a rolling dropkick but Roode grabs his legs. Robert catapults Ricochet into the turnbuckles but the one and only springboards right back at him with a moonsault. They trade some shots before Roode scores a two count with a nice spinebuster. Roode set Ricochet on the top rope but got knocked off. Ricochet followed-up with a 630 for a win with almost no offence.

Winner: Ricochet

Ricochet has retained his position in the Money In The Bank ladder match, alongside Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Mustafa Ali, Andrade, and Randy Orton.

Rey Mysterio and his son are seen walking backstage before going their separate ways. We then see Samoa Joe following after Dominick.

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We see Joe caught up with Dominick. He says he’s glad the kid is here, acting like he belongs. He reminds us that last week Dominick ran out and hoisted Rey onto his shoulders, which he took as a slap in the face. He believers Dominick aimed to embarass Joe, just like he did to Rey at WrestleMania. He tells Dominick to relay to Rey that he can’t wait to defend the United States Championship against him at Money In The Bank.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring, followed by Naomi, Natalya, Dana Brooke, and Alexa Bliss. She’s got a match with some young gal.

Lacey Evans Vs. Ali Catrina

Evans grabs hold of Ali and tosses her into the corner. She hits something of a slingshot bronco buster. Evans connects with the Women’s Right and scores the quick pin.

Winner: Lacey Evans

She thanks everyone for coming to the classy event, even if they didn’t RSVP. She says the real reason she has these four nasties out here is simple: they all deserved a front row seat to see what a legitimate lady is capable of. At Money in the Bank, Becky Two Belts will lose everything courtesy of a Woman’s Right. She’s aware one of them may win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. She hopes they’re smarter than they look. If any of them have the audacity to cash in after she wins the RAW Women’s Title, they’ll regret their opportunity. They’ll come up short just like The Man will come up short.

Becky comes out and drops her belts halfway down the ramp. She storms the ring and the two of them brawl around. Lynch looks for the Dis-Arm-Her but Evans gets out and retreats. 

We see Daniel Bryan backstage. He looks to the camera and says Kofi’s constant shilling of pancakes and merchandise is a threat to our very existence. That is why he has no choice but to eliminate Kofi. He can’t be a role model, so he must correct the course and once again become the Planet’s Champion.

The Viking Raiders make their way to the ring.

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We see The Uso’s sneaking around backstage, acting shifty.

The Viking Raiders Vs. Hawkins & Ryder

The bell rings and Hawkins and Ryder duck Ivar and Erik to knock Erik from the ring and isolate Ivar in the corner. They make use of quick tags to pound him against the turnbuckles. Ryder dropkicks the knee of Ivar and he hits a nice double-team move for a two count. A boot from Ryder in the corner earns another two-fall, but then Ivar floors Hawkins with a leaping senton.

Erik tags in and tries to ground Hawkins. Ryder is tagged in regardless and knocks Ivar down on the apron, before landing some forearms to Erik in the corner. Ivar is suckered to the outside, where Hawkins connects with a clothesline off the apron. Erik hits a running knee to Hawkins on the outside. Ryder connects with a double kick through the ropes, then looks for the Rough Ryder back in the ring but gets tossed over. The Viking Experience hit their finish for a non-title win over the Champions.

Winners: The Viking Experience

Still to come, Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre, and Daniel Bryan Vs. Kofi Kingston.

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It’s time for another episode of the Firefly Fun House. Bray welcomes us to the Fun House and says today is going to be fun. We see Mercy the Buzzard in a cardboard box, eating and burping. Bray wants to know what he has and he says nothing. He tells Bray to back off and the Witch chimes in, asking to know what’s going on. Bray tricks the bird and pulls out what he’s eating; which turns out to be the rabbit from last week’s show. Mercy tore it apart. He says he hates rabbits and their ideology. Bray says that’s fine, because he can be forgiven, just like he was. In fact, he should be rewarded. The screen cuts and wee see kids sitting unhappily in the room, for a picnic! Bray is wearing sunglasses and he sits down for a picnic. He reminds us that we just need to let him in.

Rollins is backstage and he says it doesn’t matter if AJ’s forearm was an accident tonight, because he made his point clear when he walked away. Rollins says the next time AJ walks away from him it will be with a broken face. I guess WWE is done with backstage interviewers, because everyone is just talking to the camera tonight.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, ready to face Drew McIntyre.

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