Vince McMahon is the Chairman in WWE and everything must go through him before it becomes a reality. As the years have went on it seems that some people are thinking more about questioning the ability of his leadership. A recent thread on Twitter has really shed light on what McMahon is capable of.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer thought that it would be a good idea to agree to a race with Vince McMahon on an open highway. This almost proved to be a fatal mistake.

Vince once raced former WWE writer @courtbauer on an open highway. Vince boxed in Court so that Court was heading straight for road construction. Court had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. Vince sped off, having “won” the race by almost killing a guy.

Thankfully, Bauer survived so he could created MLW which is still in operation to this day. It’s hard to imagine Vince McMahon driving, let alone racing, but for some reason it’s not hard to imagine him nearly killing someone in order to win a competition.

This is just one of the many amazing stories about Vince McMahon that are out there and plenty more are bound to surface.

Felix Upton

Felix Upton has been writing professionally since 1989. His first writing job was penning advertisements for local newspapers around New York. After selling his grandfather’s pinball repair shop back in 2017, he was hired on for publish news for Ringside News.

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