Original Name Pitched To The Viking Experience Before WWE Debut

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The Viking Experience debuted on RAW this week and there were not many people who were happy about the name change. They are still the NXT Tag Team Champions, but they didn’t have their titles and they also didn’t have the same names.

The War Raiders’ Hanson and Rowe are now Ivar and Erik. However, that was not the original name that was pitched to them according to PW Insider.

At one point, the duo was slated to be billed as The Bezerkers but it changed as they moved closer to debuting.

It stands to reason why WWE didn’t go with The Bezerkers. After all, The Berzerker actually made headlines last week for a DUI arrest. However, you also have to wonder why they even changed The War Raiders’ name in the first place.

If WWE changed their name because they didn’t want people chanting “War” on television, then it didn’t work because the Montreal crowd still chanted “war” at them on live television. Hopefully, that trend continues.

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