X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Guest Coaching at the Performance Centre, A.J. Style Resigns, Corbin vs. Angle, More!

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When he first got there he went to the ring and Norman Smiley was there training some talents in the ring. Scotty-2-Hotty was there teaching a class as well. X-Pac notes that he wasn’t there to teach anyone specific moves. He didn’t teach any classes; instead he produced some stuff and spent some one-on-one time with young performers. He notes that he tried to teach them his wrestling philosophy, and what to be doing in between the moves.

He was so impressed by the roster there; the NXT crew and the roster at the Performance Centre that hasn’t even made it to television yet.

He was blown away by the new way of training. Today’s performers use a completely different set of techniques instead of just relying on weight lifting. As a result their physiques look different today. Everyone is in great shape, but they don’t look like body builders. Everyone’s training is suited for their body type.

X-Pac notes that he was very disappointed by the fan reactions during the NXT live shows, especially in Florida towns such as St. Petersburg. He notes that maybe they’re booking shows in those towns too often, but he suggests that they look at booking different towns in the future regardless. Either that, or mix in a little “gaga”, because Florida is known for liking a more traditional wrestling show, which is quite different than the typical NXT show.

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