X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Guest Coaching at the Performance Centre, A.J. Style Resigns, Corbin vs. Angle, More!

X-Pac opens today’s show by informing that he had a great time guest coaching at the WWE Performance Centre last week. He says it was very cool to see all the moving parts there and to also see Shawn Michaels’ class in action.

He notes that Michaels’ class is not a promo class or an in-ring class, and while not saying exactly what the class is all about, he hints that it’s the “good stuff” where performers learn special skills that help them develop as Superstars.

He says the entire place is such a positive environment. It’s very much a group mentality and everyone works together. When they do live events they all work together to set chairs and put the ring up, and that helps build friendships. He was more than ready to help them too, but they wouldn’t let him help.

He notes that from time to time you can see that a certain performer might think they’re above setting up rings and chairs, but X-Pac thinks that stuff builds character.