WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019

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And it’s main event time! JBL and Jerry Lawler are guest commentators for this one. The Men’s Royal Rumble match is about to get underway and our first entrant is Elias and. Elias is in the ring before the match with his guitar, he says he’s number 1 in the match and in our hearts. He knows the deck is stacked against him but he will eliminate every other man and show them what WWE stands for.

Before that however, he has a song but he’s interrupted by Jeff Jarrett! JJ comes to the ring and struts before he can begin the match with Elias. He introduces himself, the world’s greatest singer, greatest entertainer, and greatest wrestler. Ain’t he great? Elias says he’s gets interrupted all the time, but it’s nice to be interrupted by someone who brings something to the table. Elias says he knows JJ is out here because he wants to walk with Elias, but he also wants a duet Jarrett agrees but as JJ is introducing himself again. Elias clocks him with a right hand.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

The match gets underway with Elias kicking a downed Jarrett. He tries to throw him out but Jarrett fires back with hands. Elias takes him down with a clothesline though, then grabs his guitar and breaks it over JJ’s back and throws him out. Jeff Jarrett Eliminated.

Shinsuke Nakamura is entrant number two. The new United States Champion, and the winner of last year’s Rumble, comes down and takes the fight to Elias. He inflicts Bad Vibrations in the corner but then Elias responds with some hands. Elias takes to the top rope and walks across the ropes like Taker, but he goes to the other side and hits an arm drag.

Kurt Angle is number 4 and the Olympic Gold Medalist goes right for Elias, hitting a German suplex. Then one for Nakamura. He hits Elias with a belly-to-belly, followed by another German to Shinsuke. Then things slow down as we await the next person.

Big E walks to the ring, tossing pancakes as always. Fitting that Big E is number 5. E continues the trend set by Angle, hitting belly-to-belly’s to Nakamura, followed by the Big Splash. Angle then hits Big E with an Angle Slam. Followed by Nakamura setting Angle on the top rope and hitting a running knee that knocks Angle to the floor! Kurt Angle Eliminated.

Number 6 is a match of the year maestro, the North American Champion, Johnny Gargano! His wife was in the women’s Rumble earlier tonight! Johnny Wrestling runs down and takes out Elias and Big E with some dropkicks and whatnot. Elias throws him to the apron and whips him with some right hands, then runs to knee him but Gargano hits the slingshot spear!

The next entrant is Jinder Mahal, flanked by Samir and Sunil Singh. Mahal comes in and hits Gargano with a scoop slam. He then floors Elias and Big E with big boots. Mahal lifts Gargano and tries to throw him out but Gargano knocks Jinder onto the apron and superkicks him off! Jinder Mahal Eliminated. Both Singh Brothers came into the ring for some reason but one was knocked back out by Elias, the other was fed pancakes by Big E and tossed out.

Next is a Royal Rumble debutante: Samoa Joe! The Samoan Bulldozer storms the ring, attacking everyone. Gargano kicks him and attempts a crossbody but Joe just walks away from it and Gargano crashes. Big E grabs Joe for a belly-to-belly but Joe stands firm, then throws Big E out! Big E Eliminated.

Our next Superstar is the favourite to win: Curt Hawkins. He comes in and scopes the landscape, before sliding back out. He runs in to unleash attacks from behind, then back out. Suddenly Joe caches Hawkins with the Coquina Clutch. Elias attacks Joe from behind and he drops Hawkins, who rolls out of the ring and climbs under the apron, like Zelina Vega earlier.

Now for the actual favourite: Seth Rollins! The Messiah comes to the ring and hits a springboard clothesline to Elias, a kick to Nakamura, and a falcon arrow to Gargano. Rollins knocks Elias onto the apron, then the Drifter is holding onto the ring post for dear life but Rollins knocks him off. Elias Eliminated. Titus O’Neil is next, and he crosses himself before making his run down to the ring. He stops at ringside and celebrates that he made it. He then spots Curt Hawkins’ head peeping out from underneath, so he crawls under, chasing him. They come out the other side, both slide into the ring, and Hawkins suckers O’Neil into flying over the ropes and out! Titus O’Neil Eliminated.

Just as Hawkins is celebrating, Samoa Joe throws him out! Curt Hawkins Eliminated. Kofi Kingston is our next entrant and he comes in hot with a springboard elbow to Shinsuke Nakamura. The commentators talk-up Kofi’s amazing moments in Rumble history. Number 13 is Mustafa Ali, who runs down and goes to work with Samoa Joe. He hits a forward roll through the ropes into an X-Factor to Joe! He and Nakamura start brawling and Ali does Nakamura’s own come on taunt. Nakamura goes up top for a Kinshasa but Ali dropkicks him off and out! Shinsuke Nakamura Eliminated.

Dean Ambrose is next and he goes right into throwing hands with Seth Rollins. He gets Rollins into the corner, then tries to throw Kofi out to no avail. Ambrose kicks Kofi to the floor, but, as always, he keeps his feet against the LED board. Kofi rolls sideways all the way over the steps – kinda like the red devil from Cow & Chicken. Anyway, Kofi comes back in. Meanwhile Gargano, on the apron, tries to slingshot spear Dean Ambrose, but the moral compass of WWE catches him in mid-air with Dirty Deeds. Gargano is then tosses out. Johnny Gargano Eliminated.

Number 15 is No Way Jose, accompanied by his entire conga line. Jose gets in but Samoa Joe clotheslines him right back out. No Way Jose Eliminated. After a minute of despair, the conga line resumes partying and dance their way back out. The next entrant is Drew McIntyre, who meets Jose and his conga line on the runway. The Scottish psychopath clocks Jose, then stats beating the entire conga line, minus the women, sexist. McIntyre gets into the ring and knocks a few people down with kicks, then brawls with Samoa Joe. They go at it until McIntyre connects with a flush Claymore Kick.

Xavier Woods is the final member of New Day and he comes down but Kofi is knocked off the apron right into the arms of Xavier. Woods helps Kofi back into the match but Kofi’s feet seemed to touch the ground. Regardless, as soon as they get into the match McIntyre clotheslines them back out. Xavier Woods Eliminated. Kofi Kingston Eliminated.

The next entrant is the United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne! The Bruiserweight hits Mustafa Ali with a snap German suplex, then kicks Samoa Joe in the head, before manipulating Drew McIntyre’s hand and stomping it. Dunne tosses Ali over and onto the apron, where he bends his fingers but Ambrose stops him. Andrade is number 19 and he goes right after Pete Dunne. He hits Dunne with an incredible tilt-a-whirl DDT before turning his attention to Dean Ambrose.

Former NXT Champion, Aleister Black is the number 20 Superstar! He goes right to work with Pete Dunne, unleashing some hands and elbows. The crowd chants for NXT as Black hits a springboard moonsault to Dunne and Rollins. Ali tries to fight with Black and hits a springboard but gets caught in mid-air with a knee. Black connects with Black Mass to Ambrose and sends him flying over the ropes! Dean Ambrose Eliminated.

Shelton Benjamin is out next but he just joins the fray. Joe has Ali in the Coquida Clutch but Shelton Benjamin hits a shining wizard to Joe, running up Ali’s knee! Ali then shock eliminated Samoa Joe! Samoa Joe Eliminated. The next entrant is Baron Corbin, who comes down and attacks Seth Rollins, then hits Mustafa Ali with Deep Six. Corbin hits Apollo Crews as he attempted to jump from the apron to the ring, and eliminates him. Apollo Crews Eliminated.

Jeff Hardy is next and he storms the ring, attacking everyone in sight. He gets a DELETE chant going as he hits a jawbreaker to Ali and a Twist of Fate to Shelton Benjamin. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind to several stars. Pete Dunne grabs the hand of Aleister Black and seemingly breaks his fingers, but Black kicks him in the head, then pops them back in! Corbin grabs Black and tosses him out. Aleister Black Eliminated. Corbin tries to throw Dunne out as well but the Bruiserweight grabs his fingers. McIntyre connects with a Claymore to Dunne, then throws him out. Pete Dunne Eliminated.

Rey Mysterio is number 25,and he comes in with a springboard but Baron Corbin caught him and hit a backbreaker. Andrade began attacking Myserio on the mat and lifted him up for a sit-out powerbomb. Next out is the almighty Bobby Lashley, flanked by Lio Rush! The Intercontinental Champion comes in and goes right after Seth Rollins. Rollins pulls the rope down and Lashley runs right over and out! Bobby Lashley Eliminated. Pissed at his quick elimination, Lashley drags Rollins out under the bottom rope and tosses him into the barricade. Lashley pulls the top off the announce table, then takes Rollins up top and chokeslams him through it! The officials are trying to stop Lashley.

Meanwhile, the next entrant is Braun Strowman! The Monster goes right after Corbin and throws him out! Baron Corbin Eliminated. Strowman gets attacked by Shelton Benjamin, but it’s short lived as he then tosses him out as well. Shelton Benjamin Eliminated. The next entrant is Dolph Ziggler, who was not expected to be here! McIntyre looks like he has seen a ghost. McIntyre brawls with Strowman, but then Ziggler comes in and superkicks him out! Drew McIntyre Eliminated.

Randy Orton comes out as Strowman clotheslines Andrade inside out. If Orton wins tonight he matches Steve Austin’s record. Orton and Strowman come face to face and Orton looks for an RKO but Strowman shoves him off and hits a running powerslam. Andrade is trying to superplex Mysterio, but Strowman grabs Andrade on his shoulders, who also has Mysterio up for a suplex, and Ali comes off the top rope with a crossbody to knock all four men down!

R-Truth is the final spot in tonight’s event…however he is attacked from behind by Nia Jax as he made his entrance! Jax has taken his spot. She splashes Ziggler in the corner, then kicks Mysterio and drops an elbow on him. Mustafa Ali says he won’t fight Jax, but she picks him up and throws him out – way to get Ali over. Mustafa Ali Eliminated. Randy Orton slides in behind Jax and looks like he might RKO her, but then stands up and they have a staredown. Orton goes for it but she pushes him off and shoulder tackles him. Jax picks up Rey onto her shoulders but then Ziggler superkicks her! Mysterio knocks her onto the middle rope and hits the 619 and Orton connects with the RKO and the arena has come unglued.

Mysterio and Orton stalk Jax as she attempts to get to her feet, then they toss her out. Nia Jax Eliminated. Mysterio turns around and into an RKO, then he too is gone. Rey Mysterio Eliminated. As Orton is admiring his work however, Andrade scoops him over! Randy Orton Eliminated. So we’re left with Dolph Ziggler and Andrade in the ring, meanwhile Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman are still in the match but down on the outside.

Ziggler and Andrade throw hands and exchange reversals. Ziggler hits a headbutt but Andrade fires back with a chest chop. Strowman then comes running back in and clotheslines them both. Strowman splashes Andrade in the corner, then does the same to Ziggler. Rollins begins to resurface on the outside and Braun notices, so he runs out and shoulder tackles him. Strowman gets Rollins back inside and picks him up for a powerslam but Rollins climbs off. Ziggler superkicks Strowman, Andrade hits him with double knees, Ziggler connects with a Zig-Zag, then Rollins hits a frog splash. Strowman is down and the other three men grab him, but Braun lifts Andrade and runs him over the ropes and out. Andrade Eliminated.

Ziggler and Rollins both grab a leg of Strowman and try to toss him over. Instead he flips them both over but they land on the apron. Strowman hits the ropes and knocks Ziggler off! Dolph Ziggler Eliminated. Rollins knocks Strowman over and onto the apron, but he’s holding onto the rope. Rollins superkicks Strowman but he doesn’t go down. Seth hits the ropes but Braun grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him. Strowman enters the match and taunts the crowd. Strowman lifts Rollins up for a powerslam and sets him over the ropes onto the apron but Rollins holds onto the head and drags Strowman down and onto the apron with him. Strowman tries to powerslam Rollins on the apron, but Seth slides off the back and shoves him into the ring post. Seth kicks him in the gut, then hits The Stomp on the apron and Strowman falls off!

Winner: Seth Rollins

There you have it folks, Seth Rollins is the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble Match. He’s going to WrestleMania!

That’s it for this year’s show, let us know what you thought, and be sure to come back tomorrow night for RAW Results! Until then, safe travels!

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