WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019

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It’s time for our first Royal Rumble match of the night, and Beth Phoenix has joined the commentary team!

Our number 1 and number 2 competitors are Lacey Evans and Natalya. Before the match, Evans cuts a promo, in which she announces herself as the only lady in WWE. She’s here to clean up the division.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The bell rings and the two blondes lock-up. They exchange some reversals but Evans messed a few of them up. Natalya clotheslined her over, but she landed on the apron, then hits Nattie with a sunset flip back into the ring. Evans lifts Natalya up for a powerbomb but Natalya reverses with a hurricanrana. Nattie hits a discus clothesline as the clock counts down.

Mandy Rose is the next entrant, and she takes Natalya down with a clothesline and a leaping knee. She lifts Nattie up and attempts to toss her over with a scoop slam but Natalya fights off. Evans attempted a moonsault to Natalya but nobody was home. Natalya grabs both women and applies a sharpshooter to them!

The fourth entrant is Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad. Morgan comes to the ring and all three women are down. Morgan sits for a minute, staring, before running at Natalya and getting tossed right over and out! Liv Morgan Eliminated. Meanwhile, Rose and Evans team together to beat on Natalya. Rose turns to run at Nattie but Evans pulled her back by the hair. She slams Rose against Nattie in the corner, then hits them with a modified bronco buster.

The fifth entrant is Mickie James. The former women’s Champion comes running down and takes out Nattie with a clothesline, then does the same to Rose and Evans. James hits Evans with a neckbreaker, then catches Natalya with a Mick Kick. Mickie tossed Rose onto the apron and a bizarre spot ended with nothing happening and both returning to the ring.

Ember Moon is the next entrant into the match and she storms the ring, hitting a hip attack to Rose, suplex to Evans, and trip-kick to James. We spend the next minute with nothing of note happening.

Next down is Billie Kay, who says she won’t enter until Peyton Royce comes out. She walks around the ring, as the women inside struggle around the ropes. Nikki Cross is the 8th competitor and she runs to the ring like a bat out of hell. However she stops to throw Billie Kay into the barricade, before climbing onto the top rope and wiping out everyone with a crossbody – that’s the fire that this match sorely needed. Cross runs around elbowing everyone as the fans chant her name. Mandy Rose grabs her by the hair, but Nikki shrugs her off and hits a reverse DDT. Billie Kay comes in to get revenge on Cross but she gets taken down.

Now it’s time for Peyton Royce, who runs to her friends rescue. Royce grabs Cross and hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Kay lifts Cross and they double-team her, then we’re back to struggling around the ropes. The clock counts down again and this time it’s Tamina Snuka. The Samoan stomps to the ring and headbutts Mickie James, then lands several Samoan drops. Cross tackled Tamina through the middle rope to the outside, but she came back in and superkicked Cross. Tamina follows-up with a Snuka Splash to Cross. As the clock was counting down, Mickie James was unceremoniously knocked out. Mickie James Eliminated.

Xia Li of NXT is the next woman out and she’s the first Chinese person to ever compete in a Rumble match! Li kicks Tamina several times, before booting just about every other woman in the match. Li and Tamina engaged in a messy spot, that ended with an enziguiri of sorts to Tamina.

Sarah Logan is next and she immediately lasts longer than Liv Morgan. Logan slams Ember Moon before tossing her over the ropes but she lands on the apron. Logan hit Moon and she slid all the way out the ring, minus her feet, which were tucked under the bottom rope! She stays alive in the match. The same cannot be said or Nikki Cross however, as she is tossed out by the Iconics. Nikki Cross Eliminated.

Unlucky number 13 is none other, than Charlotte Flair! The Queen takes her time getting to the ring in her robe – she really does feel a class above all others in this match so far. She gets into the ring and is attacked by just about everyone but she spears Mandy Rose and unloads chops to the rest. Lacey Evans meanwhile tosses both Billie and Peyton over and out. Billie Kay Eliminated. Peyton Royce Eliminated. Charlotte and Xia Li have an exchange of strikes, but Charlotte big boots her off the apron and out! Xia Li Eliminated.

OH! It’s time to set sail, because Kairi Sane is the next entrant, and she gets a big pop from Arizona! Charlotte threw Tamina out as Sane was making her entrance. Sane hits a flying elbow right off the bat, then her and Flair come face to face. Flair asks what she’s got, and Sane unloads a huge chop to her chest. Charlotte asks for more and she gives repeated chops. Charlotte screams at her and then chops back. Sane won’t back down though, until Flair floors her. After a few moments, Sane hits the InSane Elbow to Sarah Logan and throws her out with the help of Natalya. Sarah Logan Eliminated. Good storytelling that Nattie is eliminating the Riott Squad members.

Number 16 is Maria Kanellis! Evans and Charlotte come face to face in the ring and it’s like looking into a mirror. Maria gets in the middle of them and demands attention, but they both kick her. Evans and Charlotte fight over who gets to beat on Maria, then Kanellis hits a double bulldog. Maria hits a jawbreaker to Rose and an X-Factor to Ember. She starts to dance but then Charlotte connects with a big spear.

Naomi is next and she runs to the ring, no dancing. She takes the fight to Mandy Rose and gets her onto the apron and kicks her in the head. Mandy Rose Eliminated. Rose grabs Naomi for a powerbomb but Naomi managed to get her feet onto the barricade. She walks along the barricade and jumps onto the steel steps and just as the fans are cheering, Rose grabs her and rips her down! Naomi Eliminated. Rose attacks Naomi on the floor as referee’s attempt to stop it. Charlotte flips Evans over and onto the apron, then kicks her right off. Lacey Evans Eliminated.

Candice LeRae is next, NXT wrestler and wife of Johnny Gargano! Candice connects with a missile dropkick to Moon, then tries to eliminate her. They brawl back and forth, with Ember hitting a nice gutbuster. The next entrant is Alicia Fox, who dances the whole way to the ring. She gets in and dropkicks a few competitors. Maria tries to arrange a truce with Foxy and it seems to work. They start to beat on Kairi Sane, then Alicia puts her Captain’s hat on Maria’s head. Maria takes it of and stomps on it. Alicia gets mad and throws a tantrum, like a baby.

Kacy Catanzaro, another from NXT, is the next entrant. She hits Ember Moon with a nice hurricanrana right out the gate. Natalya lifts her and tries to powerbomb her over, but she fights off and hits another hurricanrana. She performs some impressive gymnastics to almost eliminate Foxy, but the wily Captain holds on. And now it’s time for Zelina Vega, number 20 – and she’s wearing a Vega from Street Fighter outfit. She comes down and has a staredown with Candice LaRae – former enemies – they butt heads and shoves each other, then unload. Surprisingly little noise from the fans in this match. LeRae and Vega brawl while the others hang over the ropes.

Ruby Riott is the last member of the Squad coming to the ring, and she’s coming with Logan and Morgan! Riott has a new mohawk haircut. They drag Charlotte out from under the ropes and beat her down on the outside. Ruby gets inside, while Morgan and Logan drag Fox out and beat her down as well. Meanwhile Zelina Vega sneaked under the apron! Foxy is tossed back in and Ruby threw her right out! Alicia Fox Eliminated.

The Riott Squad pulled Candice LaRae out from underneath, then powerbombed her against the barricade! They put her back inside and Ruby threw her right out. Candice LaRae Eliminated. Dana Brooke is next out and she powerbombs Kacy Catanzaro right away, but then she’s dragged out by Morgan and Logan. Kairi Sane tries to hurricanrana Ruby from using the ropes, but Ruby just tossed her over and she landed hard on the floor. Kairi Sane Eliminated. Ruby rolled out under the bottom rope and they continue to beat on Kairi Sane, but the next entrant is Sane’s best friend, Io Shirai!

Shirai comes down and dropkicks both Morgan and Logan, before hitting an Acai Moonsault to the Riott Squad, before she even enters the match! And we’re back to waiting for the clock to countdown, and this one is worth it: Rhea Ripley! The former UK Women’s Champion runs to the ring and takes out Ember with an elbow, and a flapjack to Shirai. Dana Brooke tosses Catanzaro out of the ring and onto the floor but her feet didn’t touch the ground. She does a handstand over to the ringpost, then wraps her leg around it and climbs up like a monkey! She leaps off the top rope but is caught by Rhea Ripley, who lifts her up for a suplex and throws her out! Kacy Catanzaro Eliminated.

Sonya Deville is out next and she unloads some nice kicks and knees to her opponents before being taken down by Dana Brooke. Ripley gives Dana Brooke the Riptide over the top rope and onto the apron, then kicks her off. Dana Brooke Elimianted. Zelina Vega pops out from under the apron to mock Brooke, when suddenly Hornswoggle’s head pops out! She screams and runs away and Hornswoggle chases her. Vega gets into the ring, where she’s grabbed and thrown right out by Rhea Ripley! Zelina Vega Eliminated. Hornswoggle chases Vega up the runway.

The next entrant is The Goddess, Alexa Bliss! She comes to the ring and attacks Ember Moon, dropping moonsault knees on her. 

Bliss brawls with Sonya Deville and throws her onto the apron, then punches her off. Sonya Deville Eliminated. Bayley is the next entrant and she storms the ring, knocking everyone down, and even knocking Ruby Riott out! Ruby Riott Eliminated. Seconds later, Rhea Ripley is back body dropped out by The Hugger! Rhea Ripley Eliminated.

Lana is entrant number 28, but she can barely walk, with Rusev hurting her by accident on the Kick-Off Show. As Lana limps to the ring, Nia Jax comes out as number 29 and attacks Lana! She beats her down, stomping on her taped ankle, and slams her into the barricade before getting into the ring. Jax attacks everyone and catches Io Shirai in mid-air moonsault, and throws her out. Io Shirai Eliminated.

Natalya tries to fight Nia and even gets her up on her shoulders, but she can’t sustain the weight and Nia throws her out as well! Natalya Eliminated. Natalya was just short of the hour mark. Carmella is the final entrant, which she earned on SmackDown Live. Carmella comes in and hurricanrana’s Nia Jax and dropkicks Ember Moon, then she’s steamrolled by Jax.

Just then, The Man, Becky Lynch comes down and argues with Finlay that she needs to take Lana’s spot in the match! He gives her the go-ahead and the roof comes off the baseball stadium. Lynch comes face-to-face with Nia Jax, first time in a ring since Nia broke her nose. She unloads on her, then Charlotte grabs Becky and tries to throw her out. She sticks around and comes back in. Lynch climbs to the top rope and dropkicks Jax.

Meanwhile, Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss have a back and forth, with both women now on the apron. Bliss gives her some sort of STO to eliminate her. Ember Moon Eliminated. Carmella takes the fight to Alexa and connects with a huge superkick, then Bayley gives her a buckle bomb and they throw her out. Alexa Bliss Eliminated. Nia Jax and Becky are back toe-to-toe but Charlotte kicks Nia from behind. Bayley hits Nia with an elbow drop from the top rope. Carmella climbs up top and dives onto Charlotte but Flair rolls through and hits her with a backbreaker. Charlotte goes up top but Carmella meets her there. Charlotte tosses Carmella onto the apron but she kicks Flair and gets back in. Carmella superkicks Nia on the apron, but then Charlotte big boots her off. Carmella Eliminated.

We’re down to four: Charlotte, Bayley, Becky, and Nia. Bayley and Charlotte have a back and forth. Nia lifts Bayley for a Samoan drop but Charlotte kicks Nia and that knocks Bayley over the ropes and out! Bayley Eliminated. Lynch and Flair have a staredown, then brawl with each other but Nia splashes them both in the corner. Jax then grabs Charlotte and tries to scoop slam her over but can’t. Charlotte hits multiple big boots to Nia, before lifting her onto her back and dropping her on her head. Becky is down and out on the floor, but not eliminated. Charlotte lifts Nia again and sets her on the apron, and Lynch sees the opportunity to rip her off and to the floor! Nia Jax Eliminated.

And we’re down to two. Lynch stares at Charlotte as she slowly climbs the steps to get back in. Suddenly Jax shoves Lynch off the steps and she twists her knee on the fall! Charlotte looks happy as can be as Lynch can barely stand and referee’s try to get her to quit. Lynch climbs in but still can’t stand. Charlotte looks pissed as Becky hobbles on one leg and talks trash. Charlotte hits a chop block to the knee, then beats the crap out of her leg. Lynch kicks her off but Charlotte continues the attack, hanging Becky in  the tree of woe and kicking her. Flair tries to lift Lynch but the Lasskicker hits an enziguiri. Lynch tosses her onto the apron and tries to punch her off but Charlotte kicks the knee again. Charlotte hits her with an exploder, then runs for a big boot but Lynch ducks it and Charlotte flies over and onto the apron. Lynch elbows her in the face and Charlotte falls to the floor!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Lynch celebrates her huge win after the match. As always, she points to the WrestleMania sign and says “I’m the main event of WrestleMania”. We’re just 70 days away from the showcase of the immortals!

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