Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Recap – Replacing Howard Finkle, Almost Running Away From WWE, Toni Storm’s Leaked Photos, More!

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This week’s episode of Chasing Glory will be a question and answer session with Lillian Garcia.

Before getting into some questions, Garcia addresses the passing of Mean Gene Okerlund. She points out that Okerlund was a light in this world, and everytime he saw her he gave her a big hug. She dedicates this show to Okerlund and says she’ll miss him dearly. She urges everyone to live every day to the fullest and to treat everyone with respect.

Garcia also points out that she was furious this week when some of Toni Storm’s private photos were leaked online. She notes that people who leak these photos are clearly unhappy with their lives, because anyone who’s happy don’t do that kind of thing. However, she was very happy to see Storm receive a lot of support online following the leak.

A listener writes into the show and notes that at SummerSlam 2002 Garcia kicked Howard Finkle in the genitals. The listener wonders how that storyline came about. Garcia starts out by saying how much she loves Finkle. She points out that she was basically taking Finkle’s job in the company at that time and he couldn’t have been more supportive.

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