Renee Young is in the public eye a lot as the first full-time female commentator of Monday Night RAW. This position has a lot of responsibility attached so it’s never a good thing for her to worry about wardrobe malfunctions.

Young recently opened up on Regular Girls about a couple of accidents she has experienced. One recent incident could have been very bad if it wasn’t cold enough outside for a winter jacket.

“The last one was the worst. I mean nobody… people might have seen the first one. It was like boob in a bra was out, whatever get over it guys. When it was full boob out I was walking from my car into the building — nobody saw! But I had on my winter jacket cause it was outside. So I had on a little like blouse thing underneath, but the button had popped and with that my right titty was out.”

“So the jacket was closed over it so nobody would have seen the actual boob, but I felt it walking and I had my luggage with me and I’m like, ‘Man I feel like my tit’s out.'”

“I was just like a… your stomach drops to the floor when I opened my jacket and I realize that my boob was out and I was ‘My jacket was closed, right? Nobody was pretending that they didn’t see my tit?'”

Thankfully, Young says nobody brought this to her attention so it probably wasn’t noticed. It is still a huge issue that both Renee and co-host Stacey McGunnigle say men don’t have to deal with, but it plagues women.

Renee Young commented saying, “[Men] won’t know that fear. I guess what are the odds of your ball being out? That would be a bummer if your ball was just out of your pants, but that’s impossible.”

No, it isn’t impossible Renee Young because men wear shorts in the gym too.

Hopefully, Renee will be able to remain conscious of her issue so no unfortunate accidents happen, especially while she’s on live television.

You can skip to around the fourteen-minute mark in the podcast below to hear Young discuss these events.

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