Corey Graves Fires Back At Becky Lynch For Attacking His Skinny Jeans

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Becky Lynch never backs down from a fight and she’s likely to start a little bit of a tussle if she’s bored. Lynch and Corey Graves also have a history of throwing bombs at each other online. That is why it was so convenient for her to shut Graves down recently when he made a comment about her needing a romance angle with him.

Corey Graves, a husband and father had a pretty big shot fired at him from The Man as she insulted his skinny jeans. After Graves licked his wounds a little bit he had a reply.

“…and I look damn fine in these skinny jeans.”

This was a pretty clever comeback and Lance Storm seemed to agree. Storm even commented how it is a shame we usually only see Graves behind a desk hiding his apparently famous skinny jeans.

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