Bully Ray Reacts To Hulk Hogan’s Recent Comments In An Interesting Way

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Hulk Hogan recently made some headlines when he asked who he never put over in the pro wrestling business. It turns out that there are a lot of people who never beat Hogan.

One person who never got the win over Hulk Hogan was Bully Ray. As Bubby Ray Dudley or Bully Ray, he never pinned Hogan in a match to be put over by The Hulkster.

Bully read Hogan’s unique question and replied with a gif of himself squaring his hat back and getting ready for a fight. This was a pretty interesting reaction.

Bully Ray is still competing in ROH and where ever else he wants to pick up dates, but Hogan’s days in the ring are over. Still, it would have been a pretty interesting situation if Hogan had put his fellow WWE Hall Of Famer over in a match.

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