Jillian Hall Feels Violated After Recent Doctor Visit

Former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall recently had a pretty bad time at the doctor. She went in and expected everything to be okay, but when she left she made a discovery that would make anyone feel violated.

Hall retold her story via social media and you can’t help but feel bad for her. Now she’s having an open discussion about what is appropriate in a doctor’s office setting.

“Came across a situation that really upset me today. Was at a dr appt and walked out of the back to see staff looking at a large computer screen with myself pulled up on google featuring a mugshot from an awful time in my life. I immediately felt shocked & violated…”

“This dr’s office has all of my personal info. I’ve never spoken with the receptionists about being a wrestler and this was very embarrassing to me. I’m not sure how to handle the situation but was brought to tears with embarrassment and anger! They had no good excuse to do this..”

“It was a private dr appointment. That’s unprofessional and after seeing all of my medical history and private info, they have no business doing that there! If I could see the screen, who else saw it in there? It is def a violation!”

“Yes, it’s on google! No reason to do that while I’m at a private dr appt. yes, it’s extremely unprofessional and violating in that atmosphere.”

Fans have spoken about against Hall and almost to the staff of the doctor’s office defense by saying that her mugshot is a matter of public record. But still, it seems like the might be missing the point a little bit. Hopefully, Jillian won’t have this thing happen to her again, but if I were a betting man she’s looking for a new doctor, STAT.