Vince McMahon’s Favoritism Might Bring WWE WrestleMania Back To Florida

WWE is planning things in advance as much as they can. But there is a reason why they choose some locations over others. Weather is a huge factor in a lot of places, as it the overall economy. That is why choosing a WrestleMania city needs to be done so carefully.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that although WWE hasn’t landed on a definite location for WrestleMania 36, they’re narrowing it down and Vince McMahon’s location favoritism might play into their decision a little bit.

“As of right now that’s still being worked out. The recent conversation is around Florida. Minnesota has not been brought up in a while.”

They discussed some great cities for WrestleMania including Tampa who has a large stadium which houses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Shepard went on to comment on how Vince McMahon has his favorite locations which could be why we’ve seen so many repeat cities recently.

“Vince likes Florida and even talking to a source in the company about it, they even find it a little battling because they’ve gone there so much it’s a little baffling but Vince loves Florida and that’s why they keep going to the Florida well so much.”

New Orleans has gotten some recent WrestleMania love with Mania 30 and 34 and Metlife Stadium in New Jersey is also said to be a favorite of McMahon’s. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see WrestleMania return to Florida in 2020 because apparently, McMahon likes it.

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