CM Punk Destroys Hater Coming At Him For His Political Views

CM Punk has been known to throw a political jab or two out there just like in the pro wrestling ring and to a lesser extent, the Octagon. But he recently tweeted out something about Donald Trump that was punny, and controversial.

This comment from Punk triggered one fan who commented back at him saying: “Punk is such a rebel, guys. So anti-authority that he spews the same shit EVERY celebrity spews. Wow. Such balls. Such a Punk.” This might be an opinion that others share but Punk would have none of it.

“Yeah man. Us anti-Nazi shithead celebs really ruin everything. Unfollow me and you won’t get a headache from reading about how I dislike the tear gassing and imprisonment of children,” Punk replied.

It doesn’t seem like the fan probably expected a response at all, especially one that brutal. But he still got one.