The Undertaker & Michelle McCool Go On Old Fashioned Country Vacation

The Undertaker isn’t involved in anything right now when it comes to stories on WWE television, but that doesn’t mean he’s just sitting at home. He and wife Michelle McCool recently took an outing in Florida that consisted of old-fashioned wagon rides, a ranch-cooked meal, and plenty of other cattle driving fun.

It’s good to see The Undertaker is out and getting some sun, but if I were a betting man we’ll be seeing him again in WWE when WrestleMania season really kicks off if he decides to work the big show in New Jersey.

“Come from the country & I like it that way! Thank you Andalusia Cattle Co for the southern hospitality (& for letting K take the reins)! 🙂 Beautiful land, amazing sunset, flawless food & good ole family fun! ” McCool wrote on Instagram complete with plenty of pictures of their time out on the farm.

As you can see by the pictures, they do their best to cover their child’s face to keep her identity safe. It’s a reasonable thing to ask, but it’s still pretty funny that she made her daughter a KISS Demon.