We all remember the famous segment where Jake Roberts latched his snake onto Randy Savage’s arm on national television. It horrified people to no end and scared several children, but it was worth it.
However this amazing angle, as Jake Roberts said on the Joe Rogan Experience wouldn’t have happened at all unless Roberts submitted to a huge demand from Savage, the snake had to bite The Snake first.

“I’m in the laundry room behaving myself not minding a soul. In fact, I believe I was cleaning the blackboards off and making it nice for everybody. Macho [Man] walks in and says, ‘Alright, brother we’re gonna do it tonight I guess, huh? There’s a story f*cking going around, we’re gonna get down and do it.’ I said, ‘Okay, sounds great.’ — ‘We gotta take care of a little business first.'”

Jake asked what kind of business he and Macho Man Randy Savage wanted to take care of and he didn’t expect to receive this kind of response.

“‘About the snake’ [Macho Man replied] — Yeah? ‘Has he been fixed or not?’ Fixed, you mean poisonous? He goes, ‘Yeah that might be a f*ckkin’ problem’ I go, ‘Randy, of course, he’s been fixed.’ — ‘Maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t, stranger things have happened in the WWE somebody wants the Macho Man’s WWE Intercontinental Title and you put a f*cking poisonous snake on him and the rest is history. Macho’s dead, Snake’s the champ’ [Macho Man said]. I’m like, ‘Dude, are you f*cking'”
“‘Jake, I’m just telling you this he has to bite you now.’ I’m like what? He goes, ‘If not we’ve got to go at it right now me and you!’ He’s up in my f*cking face with his fist and I’m like, f*ck man, what the f*ck is wrong with you? ‘Don’t play no f*cking games, Jake get the f*cking snake out!’ So I got the f*cking snake out and I’m like you psychotic motherf*cker I’m like any special place you want it to bite me like my d*ck?”
“He’s like, ‘Anywhere’s good. How about the leg?'”

Then Jake got the cobra out and had the snake bite his leg for about 3-4 seconds but Macho still didn’t believe it was legit and warned Jake not to move or take any elixir, antidote, or pills to cure the snake’s venom that he was sure was in the bite. He made Roberts sit still so he could watch the venom make its way through Jake’s body but he didn’t die. “Sorry I didn’t make you happy,” Roberts replied after finally convincing Macho Man that the snake wasn’t poisonous.
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