WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results

Daniel Bryan is out first for the main event and he starts to do the Yes! chant but stops and smiles. He comes to the ring and holds the title high while smiling smugly. Lesnar and Heyman are out second but they take their sweet time in emerging from the back. Bryan mocks Lesnar around the ring. We get introductions for both men.

Champion Vs. Champion
(wwe uNIVERSAL cHAMPION) Brock Lesnar Vs. (wwe cHAMPION) Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and Bryan runs right at Lesnar with a dropkick to the shin. Bryan slides from the ring and jogs around it before getting back inside when Brock slides out. Lesnar is looking angry. Lesnar gets in the ring and Bryan continues to mock him.

Bryan swings for a kick but Lesnar catches it and hits a lariat the floors Bryan. Lesnar smiles as he lifts Bryan for the first German suplex and he lands on his head. Lesnar drags Bryan to the centre of the ring. Lesnar lifts him and hits a second. Brock lifts Bryan by the hair before hitting him with a belly-to-belly. Bryan starts to crawl up Lesnar and the Universal Champion hits another belly-to-belly, followed by another, and Bryan slides out of the ring.

Lesnar grabs his Universal Championship and holds it high. Lesnar leaves the ring and throws Bryan into the barricade, then back into the ring. Daniel rolls back out the other side but Lesnar goes after him and throws him into the barricade again. Back inside the ring, Lesnar lifts Bryan up and into a bear hug. Lesnar just slams Bryan down from the bear hug and smiles at him. Lesnar lifts him again and hits another German suplex.

Lesnar picks Bryan up and applies another bear hug, before launching Bryan across the ring with a German suplex. Lesnar drags Bryan by the hair, then lifts him up and hits an F5 but stops the pin himself and continues the punishment. He throws Bryan by the hair. Lesnar bends to lift him up but Bryan kicks him in the head! Same thing happens again and Lesnar falls. Brock lifts him and looks for another F5 and this time Bryan hits the referee on the way down but also lands on his feet. Bryan hits an unsuspecting Lesnar with a huge low blow!

Bryan hits Lesnar with a massive running knee and Brock kicks out at the very last second! Lesnar is still down holding his gonads and Heyman is screaming. Bryan takes the fight to Brock, landing dozens of kicks to a prone Lesnar. Bryan grabs Brock’s arms and stomps on his head over and over! Brock looks dazed, with a literal print of Bryan’s boot on his face. Bryan pulls himself up in the corner and runs at Brock who picks him up on his shoulders. Bryan climbs down and pulls the rope down as Lesnar swings for him and crashes to the floor. Bryan follows-up with a tope but Brock caught him in mid-air. Bryan shoves Lesnar into the ring post, then hits a running knee from off the apron.

Bryan gets back in the ring and comes at Brock with a suicide dive but Lesnar catches him again and slams Bryan against the ring post. Lesnar lifts D-Bry and slams him against it again. Brock removes the top of the steel steps and tries to smack Bryan but instead hits the ring post! Bryan hits another running knee from the apron. The referee is counting as Bryan gets back in the ring. Bryan goes to the corner while Lesnar climbs to his feet. Bryan hits another running knee and again Lesnar kicks out!

Bryan chop blocks Brock from behind, before wrapping his leg around the ring post. Bryan climbs to the top rope and hits a huge missile dropkick. Bryan fires-up! He hits a running dropkick in the corner, and another. He looks for the third but Lesnar gets him on his shoulders… but Brock’s leg gives out! Bryan applies the Yes! Lock and considers tapping but he just removes Bryan’s hands like they were barely there. Bryan punches him in the head a few times and reapplies the move. Brock again gets out but Bryan gets him in a triangle. Lesnar lifts Bryan up and hits an F5 and that’s it.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

We see replays as Brock gets out of the ring, still with Bryan’s boot print on his face. Definitely one of Lesnar’s better matches. Bryan is still down in the ring as Lesnar limps off with Heyman. Bryan is smiling inside the ring.

Well there you have it. According to WWE’s scorecard, Raw beat SmackDown Live 6-0, even though SmackDown won the kick-off show tag match. I’m curious if there will be any storyline reasons for the clean sweep, or if they really just want to make it clear that Raw is the A show. Let us know what you think! Until next time, safe travels.