WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results

We get a promo backstage from Seth Rollins, in which he laments Dean Ambrose’s heel turn, saying he half expected him to show up tonight. He turns to leave when Charly Caruso stops him and says she has heard that Seth will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Ambrose at TLC next month. Rollins says he won’t have any more excuses then, and walks off.

Ronda Rousey Vs. Charlotte Flair

Before this match gets underway, the fans chant “Becky”. The bell rings and Charlotte wants a lock-up but Ronda wants to throw hands. Charlotte hits Ronda with a chop block and she responds with a kick to the guy. They engage in some rough lock-up’s until Charlotte shoves Ronda and she falls. They circle each other and Ronda grabs Charlotte in an armbar attempt but Charlotte escapes. Flair looks for the Figure Eight but Ronda escapes. Ronda almost gets the ambar applied but Charlotte flips her off. They separate and the crowd applauds.

Charlotte takes Ronda down with a side headlock. Ronda tries to fight back but Charlotte grabs her and throws her face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte hits Ronda with an exploder suplex for a two count. Charlotte attacks Ronda’s legs, preparing for the Figure Eight. Charlotte grinds Ronda’s face into the mat with her back leg trapped. Rousey’s mouth is cut open, thanks to an accidental back elbow from Charlotte. Ironic. Rousey manages to make some distance between them and goes to the apron.

Ronda dodges Charlotte on the apron and applies an armbar over the ropes until the referee forces the break. Ronda goes to the top rope, still selling the leg, but Charlotte kicks her leg out from under her. Charlotte climbs the ropes and looks for a superplex but Ronda holds on. Rousey throws Charlotte off to the mat face-first. Charlotte stands up and Ronda rolls down her with an armbar to the floor. Charlotte tries to turn it into pin attempts and Ronda is forces to transition into a triangle. Charlotte escapes by reversing the triangle into a Boston crab.

Charlotte looks for Natural Selection but Ronda ducked it and grabbed the arm. Charlotte tries to get to the ropes but can’t, instead rolling through. Ronda runs at Charlotte in the corner and gets hit with a backbreaker and a big boot. Charlotte goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Ronda put her boot up. Rousey then hit a rolling Irish curse and gets fired-up. Charlotte hits her with a spear out of nowhere for a very near-fall. The fans are firmly behind Charlotte!

Charlotte avoids the armbar and applies the Figure Four! Ronda tries to get out but manages to reverse the pressure. Ronda and Charlotte both roll from the ring to the floor to force the break. Ronda throws Charlotte into the barricade and then back into the ring. Ronda hits her with three quick judo throws. She fired-up and unloads some hands in the corner. Charlotte fires back with some big chops to the chest and Ronda is forced to put her hands up. Ronda catches a chop and flips Charlotte over but Flair comes back with a big boot for a two count. “This is awesome.”

Both women are down and struggle to their feet, head to head. Charlotte looks for another exploder but Ronda rolls through with an armbar attempt. Charlotte rolls from the ring but Ronda drags her back in by the hair. She lifts Charlotte and hits Piper’s Pit. Next she takes the arm and wants to lock in the armbar but Charlotte fights it and rolls from the ring. Charlotte sits on the floor holding her arm while the arena chants her name. Charlotte rolls back inside to break the referee’s count but right back out. Ronda leaves the ring and runsa t her but, from nowhere, Charlotte smashes Ronda with a Kendo stick!

Winner Via Disqualification: Ronda Rousey

After the referee calls for the bell, Charlotte throws Ronda into the steel steps. She then grabs the Kendo stick and batters Ronda with it until it shatters into a million pieces. She beats it over her head and everything. Charlotte gets her back in the ring and looks to beat Ronda with a steel chair but the referee takes it from her. She leaves the ring and walks off. You can see bruises all over Ronda already. Charlotte then returns and hits Natural Selection onto a steel chair. Not sure if this was meant to be a heel turn but the whole arena is chanting “Yes!”. Charlotte again wants to use the chair but four more referees come down to stop her. Charlotte beatsall four referees before grabbing the chair and wrapping it around Ronda’s head and stomping it! Wow! 5-0 Raw but at what cost? It’s kinda funny hearing the commentators talk about how heinous and despicable that was, while the fans chant “thank you Charlotte”. Ronda looks battered and emotionally scarred as she leaves the ring, and the fans boo her and chant for Becky. She stands atop the ramp and turns to look back and the fans boo loudly. No sympathy tonight.

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