Shawn Michaels returned to the pro wrestling ring after 8 years away from the pro wrestling business, but he broke that retirement at WWE Crown Jewel when he tagged with Triple H to take on The Undertaker and Kane in a tag team main event in Saudi Arabia.
The Heartbreak Kid recently spoke to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness where he discussed his match at WWE Crown Jewel and said that he only did it because of a “special request by other people” that he be at the show. It’s anyone’s guess who that special request might have come from, but we have a couple guesses.

“So look one upside is it’s just one of those things I’m curious about, you know can I do my stuff? So technically, yeah I could go in there and do my stuff and have a young guy work around me and all that, but the 100% only reason I said yes to this one was it was a special request by other people and again, I look at it as somebody has the [Rolling] Stones and KISS to come over and play their greatest hits.”

HBK said it wasn’t about the money and he would have pocketed more cash if he would have worked a singles match at WrestleMania. Then he brought up the real $1,000,000 question of whether if would wrestle again in one more big WrestleMania match.

“I mean this respectfully, of course, but technically I’d make more with a singles match at WrestleMania, you know what I mean? Because that brand is bigger I’m charging more for a singles match. But I didn’t feel like I was put in the position in that particular match to be that guy.”
“The idea of me working against a much younger guy at WrestleMania puts me in a much tougher difficult situation performance-wise and that’s something that has been consistent over the last eight years is I had not wanted to be put in that position because I’m good with the performances I had at WrestleMania and I wanted to end those the way that I ended them. This just happened to be a special thing that I didn’t think in a million years would come up but it did and that’s honestly the only reason I said yes.”

HBK said “WrestleMania” is less fun because of all the pressure building toward the event. But at this point, he’s not looking for a full return to the ring because WWE Crown Jewel was just something special. He said when he returned in 2002, people held him to the same standard of him in 1997.
Only time will tell whether HBK wrestles again, but you can never say never in WWE.
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