Daniel Bryan shocked the world when it was finally revealed earlier this year that WWE had cleared him to compete again, following his 2016 retirement. Bryan was adamant about his desire to get back into the squared circle, going so far as to be cleared by several of the top doctors in the world in order to do so.
When Bryan returned to the ring, he left behind the General Manager spot on SmackDown Live, though this was quickly taken by former Divas Champion Paige- who sustained a neck injury following a six-woman tag team match at a live event back in December 2017. She had just returned from an injury that had her out for well over a year, and this was seen as devastating to many.
It was previously reported that Paige had a tricky situation with WWE and would be unlikely to return to the ring again. She could, however, return to a ring outside of the WWE Universe. This, of course, would be of great hazard to her health and is something she isn’t soon to do.
Seemingly replying to the story, Paige responded to a fan on Twitter who mentioned he had heard she is cleared to wrestle again. Despite the desire for that to be true, Paige confirmed that she is not, and expects she never will again. Furthermore, the former NXT Women’s Champion also reiterates the point that one more knock on her neck could cause permanent paralysis.

It is no secret that Paige is a beloved member of the WWE family and a fan favorite by many. Her retirement certainly came too soon, given how young she is. Unfortunately, in a business as physical and demanding as wrestling, nothing ever lasts forever.
Do you believe Paige is a future Hall of Famer? What are your favorite memories of Paige inside the squared circle? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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