Paige is a pretty well-known celebrity at this point and people outside of pro wrestling are even taking notice of her as her face appears as a model and Hot Topics are displaying her image in their windows. But it sounds like she had a fan encounter that wasn’t too good at all, in fact, it was a tad creepy.
The SmackDown GM took to Twitter earlier today to address something she apparently saw, or maybe it happened to her. It’s not quite clear by her wording except for the fact that it really upset her.
“Little tip for people out there with no common sense. If you see someone asleep on a plane and even worse if they’re a stranger to you. Don’t take pics of them sleeping or not sleeping without their permission. It’s creepy and inappropriate,” Paige tweeted out. This is a huge violation of privacy and could actually give someone cause to not relax enough in public to sleep if it kept up.
Only time will tell if pictures of Paige sleeping on an airplane taken by some stranger will eventually surface online. But it certainly seems like she addressed the issue head-on with this tweet.

H Jenkins

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