X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Tom Prichard – Evolution Recap, Training Vince & Shane McMahon, Surprises from WWE Developmental, More!

X-Pac welcomes Doctor Tom Prichard to the show.

Prichard talks about working at Smoky Mountain Wrestling with Jim Cornette. He says he always got a long with Cornette because Cornette was always good to him. There’s no doubt that Cornette can be excitable at times and can say things that make some people angry, but he judges people on how they treated him, and Cornette always treated him well.

Prichard began working some shows for WWE in 1993. Coming from smaller promotions, he’d get a cheque for $900 from WWE and be thrilled with it. He started with WWE full time in 1994 and business wasn’t great during that time. Compared to any other promotions they were still making decent money but there’s no doubt that the business wasn’t in a good place at that time.

Prichard talks about working with and being trained by the Iron Sheik. He was only 16 at that time and the veteran performers were still trying to protect the business back then. Shiek would stretch them in the gym and would get angry when he tried to show them how to lock up. He dealt with about 4 weeks of physicality, getting slapped around by Shiek, and this resulted in other trainees simply quitting.