WWE Crown Jewel is set to invade Saudi Arabia on Friday on the WWE Network — but that might not be the best wording to use. Either way, John Cena and Daniel Bryan — 2 huge names promoted to be taking part in important matches on the card won’t be there.
We previously reported that Daniel Bryan won’t be going to the event and we exclusively reported the reasons he has as well. But as Bryan Alvarez discussed on Wrestling Observer Live, it doesn’t seem like WWE is going to do much to explain his absence at this point.

“The story that we heard is that they’re not going to shoot an angle on SmackDown tonight to get him out of Crown Jewel. He simply won’t be there with the show. I don’t know what that means. Does that mean that he’s turning heel? Does he do an angle where he no-shows? Are they actually going to shoot an angle tonight now that word is out?”

It was noted that the WWE Superstars will get on a plane tomorrow headed to Saudi Arabia and we’ll know for sure if he doesn’t get on the plane. But for now, it certainly looks like Bryan won’t be going to Crown Jewel and WWE might not be putting all that much work into explaining why either.
After all, to explain why Daniel Bryan isn’t going to Crown Jewel would only highlight the controversy surrounding the event. Only time will tell how this affects Bryan’s placement on the roster — he is giving up a WWE Championship opportunity for this. But, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything else.
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H Jenkins

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