As seen on weekly television, WWE has been making an effort get Becky Lynch over as a heel on SmackDown programming but it doesn’t appear to be working as the crowd continuously cheers the Women’s Champion. This is actually causing fans to “boo” Charlotte as a result and many were calling her the female Roman Reigns on social media last week.
While answering questions on the latest installment of PWInsider Elite Audio, one of the readers wrote in and asked if WWE has any plans to do a double turn between the two WWE Superstars. Johnson mentioned that he hasn’t heard any plans for this to happen and explained why it really doesn’t matter these days because fans are going to pick and choose who they want to cheer.

“No I haven’t heard of a double heel turn and I don’t believe they need to do it because the audience is going to pick and choose who they are going to boo anyways. I think worrying about who’s the babyface and who’s a heel is an antiquated thing and you have to just left the audience make the decision about who and what they want to cheer.”

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Steve Carrier

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