In the lead-up to the first-ever all-women’s PPV, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch took to the Squared Circle subreddit to participate in an ‘Ask Me Anything,’ where she answered as many questions as she could.
We’ve compiled the best questions and answers from the event below:
What has been her most emotional match:

It was SummerSlam — all the anger and frustration just peaked after the bell and I reached as far down into myself as I could to slap Charlotte, and then came the cheers. I was ready to go where I was going without the audience, but I was ecstatic they wanted to come with me.

What is left for her to accomplish in her WWE career bucket list:

My goal is to revisit all the people who did me dirty over the years. I’ve got them saved to memory and I don’t care if it takes me jumping rosters or it takes me the rest of my career — all they need to know is I’m coming.

What memories of Dusty Rhodes are her fondest:

Dusty always believed in me and encouraged me no matter how wacky my ideas were, and my ideas were wacky. His last words to me were “Shut up, Becky” and I couldn’t ask for more perfect last words.

Why she betrayed Charlotte Flair:


Friendship isn’t built on one friend being happy while the other isn’t getting where they need to go. Charlotte was happy to have me as a friend because she knew she was safer that way. Her greatest fear in the world was that I would find my own way, because she knew that would lead straight through her.

Why did she blame fans for not supporting her during the SmackDown Live episode after SummerSlam, when they had, in fact, supported her:

I was tired and hungry and going through some stuff at the time. I couldn’t be more happy that I stopped that immediately and went about laser-targeting Charlotte.

How does she maintain such a relationship with fans despite being the “bad gal” on WWE TV:

I think most people can identify with the feeling of overcoming suppression, and you can’t suppress the best.

What is her opinion on Ronda Rousey being the other Women’s Champion on the main roster:

Ronda’s jaw is always running but my fist is itching to catch up with her. Charlotte first, and then I’ll plan my next move. But I’ve said it before: Ronda reminds me of a slot machine — the harder you kick her, the more money falls out.

Does she miss Talking Smack:

I do, but I just decided to talk smack everywhere else now.

What was her reaction to Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement:

My heart dropped for him. When anybody thinks of Roman, they think of one of the strongest and healthiest men on the planet. He’s also the toughest and I know he’ll beat it.

What was the biggest lesson Finn Balor and Paul Tracy taught her when they trained her:

They taught me to always hold myself to the highest standard, regardless of circumstances.

What are her favorite gifts from fans:

I love getting fan art … and coffee … and chocolate.

What is the best way to boo the woo and shame those who woo at events:

Boo the woo until there is no more woo left to boo, like I do.

Is she excited to face any specific female talent from NXT or NXT UK:

All of them, not even joking. So many heads to slap and so little time to do it.

Where does she see the future of the women’s division in WWE going after Evolution:

I see it getting to a point where we no longer differentiate between genders and everything flows seamlessly.

How would she compare the modern day Becky Lynch to Rebecca Knox:

Both are closer to Rebecca Quin. They are the coming together of who I was and who I am, but both like to run their mouth and both like to back it up. Somewhere along the line, I lost Knox but I’m happy I found her spirit again.

What match is she most glad to have been backstage for:

Shinsuke vs. AJ Last Man Standing Match — I mentally took notes watching it.

What are her thoughts on Connor McGregor:

I have not met him personally. I think he’s one hell of a businessman and quite the character.

What song would she choose to define her life over the past year:

Infallible by Pearl Jam

Who are her favorite male and female performers in NXT:

Nikki Cross for women’s and Adam Cole for men’s

The most obnoxiously memorable experience she has had with a fan:

Rhea Ripley thought she was my Twitter friend the other day. That was pretty memorable.

Does she have a finisher besides the DIs-Arm-Her:

Yes, it is the Lass Ride — I used it to beat Brie in my first SummerSlam match.

Would she rather fight 1 Brock Lesnar sized bee or 1000 bee sized Brock Lesnar’s:

First of all, kudos on your fantastic question. Definitely the Brock Lesnar bees.

Which places does she want to perform at that she hasn’t been to before:

I haven’t been to Africa, and I would love to. And there are a ton of South American countries too. Also New Zealand.

Does her position on the Evolution card matter to her:

Regardless of where I am on the card, everyone knows I’m the main event. I am the whole damn pay-per-view.

Can she tell the fans a joke:

Charlotte’s face.

Funniest Superstar besides herself:

Karl Anderson

Who would be her dream intergender match:

Seth Rollins

Does she have any matches that never made it to air that she is proud of:

I had a series of matches tagging with Gran Hamada and Aja Kong vs. Los Brazos in Japan that I enjoyed.

As a big supporter of Session Moth Martina (Lucha Underground), does she believe Martina could make it in WWE:

I think Martina is incredibly entertaining and I’m sure she could tweak her character. She’s a smart woman.

If you would like to read the remaining questions, head over to the Squared Circle subreddit here.
If you could ask Lynch anything, what would be your question? Who wins at Evolution between Lynch and Flair? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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