Titus O’Neal hasn’t been seen much on television in recent weeks and plenty of people have noticed. No, he wasn’t hiding under the ring — but he also wasn’t accompanying Apollo Crews to the ring either. It seems like Titus Worldwide is no more, but you might have missed the official announcement.
During Titus’ tribute to breast cancer survivors where he shared a touching personal story about his grandmother, it was noted on commentary that Titus and Apollo have indeed parted ways.
We knew that Dana Brooke left Titus Worldwide because she made that departure very public, but it looks like the remaining 2 members just drifted apart suddenly as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“So Titus and Apollo Crews broke up, they had a phantom breakup. They’re just out of nowhere… I guess it doesn’t matter because they weren’t doing much in Titus Worldwide anyway but it’s kind of like, it’s one of those things sometimes they do stuff to do it. To me, if you’re going to do a breakup you should have a better direction for other people or an idea of where you’re going because it’s not like Titus and Apollo are going to feud.”
“Titus is a good talker, he’s a really good talker. He’s not a great wrestler. Apollo is a very talented wrestler who is struggling for a variety of reasons some of it because he’s been pushed like a guy you shouldn’t care about and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So no more Titus Worldwide.”

Only time will tell if WWE will figure something out with Apollo Crew and Titus O’Neal. If anything, Titus could stay with WWE for the rest of his life and be an amazing ambassador for the company. But Apollo can wrestle, and let’s hope he gets a shot to do a lot more of that soon with a much better direction.
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