WWE’s current deal with Saudi Arabia is expected to last 10 years and will be a part of the 2030 deal that the Saudis are trying to press toward as they remain on the platform that they are a progressive nation. But, there are still a lot of people who are calling for WWE to cancel Crown Jewel.
For whatever reason, WWE is remaining firm on this deal and Crown Jewel is still on. So other than receiving a call from President Trump’s office, it looks like we’re going to see this show go down. But for the people that think it’s all about the money, you might be mistaken.
Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Wrestling Observer Radio when Meltzer gave a big reason why he has such a problem with the event — because apparently, it might not be all about money after all. In fact, this whole situation might just be “an annoyance” for McMahon.

“Do you know how much they’re actually expected to make as far as profit on this show? 2-3 million. It’s not like $40 million.”
“It’s going to be $2-3 million of profit by the end of the quarter. For $2-3 million being the profit for doing this, I mean it’s not like — you know, whatever. And granted you are risking a long-term deal that is a lot of money and in time apparently next year it’s significantly more profitable.”
“I don’t know all the details I just saw those numbers $2-3 million and there are companies who are walking away [from way more]. I understand Vince [McMaon] because Vince doesn’t live in the real world. I mean that’s the thing, Vince doesn’t live in the real world. He just finds the real world an annoyance because he lives in the world he controls and this didn’t happen, nobody died in his world, you know. He died in our world but not his world.”
“It’s an annoyance! It’s like ‘I have a deal, I can make money, what’s this real world sh*t? You know what I mean? I can’t control the real world, I can only control my world. In my world I didn’t do nothing wrong, so why can’t I go?’ That’s probably where it’s coming from.”

Of course, WWE is paying their talent a lot to make the trip to Saudi Arabia as well as their travel and then they set up the staging and the ring and must transport all of that over as well (becuase it’s just so hard to find a good pro wrestling ring maker in Saudi Arabia). So yeah, WWE is paying a lot for this show even though they’re getting paid a lot — it costs money. WWE likely doesn’t get a cut of the door ticket price either and even if they did it wouldn’t matter because those tickets are selling WAY LESS than tickets anywhere else in the neighborhood of $2-15.
So in all honesty, knowing how much WWE is really making off the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, it makes us wonder why are they still really doing this show?
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