SmackDown is named after The Rock’s famous catchphrase so it would only make sense that he should be on the show. But with all of the places a huge movie star like him needs to be at this point, The Rock is in high demand and hasn’t confirmed his participation in the big SmackDown 1000 show.
Dave Meltzer weighed in on The Rock’s SmackDown 1000 status during Wrestling Observer Radio where he stated that although The Great One is filming a movie right now, the Hobbs & Shaw Fast & The Furious spin-off, so he’s busy. But you never know what The Rock could pull off for this kind of a celebration.

“I would presume there is going to be a taped interview with Dwayne Johnson — I don’t know if he’s going to be there because he’s doing a movie, I would presume so.”

So it is presumed by Meltzer that Johnson aka The Great One is going to at least have his face on SmackDown 1000. So that’s enough reason for everyone to tune in to see what he might say. Who knows? He might announce or tease something down the line. After all, he has to stack his schedule well in advance in order to be able to fit pretty much anything in at this point due to the high demand for his presence.
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