WWE Evolution is set to feature a big Raw Women’s Title match as Ronda Rousey puts her title on the line against Nikki Bella, a woman she used to consider her close friend. But now the two are set to headline the first-ever all-female WWE pay-per-view.
Ronda Rousey fired a shot at Nikki Bella on Instagram today while using a split screen to show how her and The Bellas used to be so close but now, not so much. She also unloaded saying that her relationship and trusting the Bellas was her mistake.
Rousey expanded on the “backstabbing Bellas” and referred to them as DNBs which usually stands for “Do Nothing B*tch,” but in this usage, she’s talking about “Do Nothing Bellas.”
Nikki didn’t take long to respond and she had a lot to say. She said, “you may think I’m a DNB but that’s because you’ve been here for what may be 20 Raws?” Bella also took a chance to list a ton of notable names she has shared the ring with.
This social media exchange is likely a total work and nothing akin to Austin Aries vs Johnny Impact, but it could give us a good clue as to how WWE is going to continue to build this rivalry as they approach WWE Evolution.

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H Jenkins

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