Hulk Hogan has pulled off a few iconic looks in his career from the red and yellow to pulling off a black bandana on the witness stand in a court of law. But his Hollywood Hogan look will forever be some fans’ favorite version of the Hulkster.
Hogan recently spoke to Apter Chat about his career as Hollywood Hogan where he admitted that the black and white would have done the job for the red and yellow. He also revealed how he was able to formulate the legendary Hollywood Hogan look.

“I’ve always been a Superstar Billy Graham fan, right? You know I saw him do his goatee like Scott Steiner does [the 2-tone]. I saw him do that little whisker part in the center like Scott Steiner has his, you know? So I just went with the whole black beard and big mustache and kind of got the look from there.”
“But you know, I liked the black tights and stuff from old Buddy Colt in Florida I used to love Buddy Colt in Florida the only thing I didn’t do was tape up the thumb and use the tumb as a spike. I probably missed out on doing that spot, I probably should have done that too.”

Hogan created Hulkamania by combining all of the part of pro wrestling together that worked for him and he made something amazing. As it turns out, the look for Hollywood Hogan was made up in very much the same way.
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