Garcia welcomes Saraya Knight to the show.
Knight informs that working for WWE is the goal for so many wrestlers, adding that everyone wants to work at WrestleMania. The security of working there is important as well, because if you get injured while working on the indies there’s no money coming in. She points out that WWE can’t deny female indie performers anymore, and if you’re a good worker you can make it there now which is so great, whereas in years past looks played a huge part.

Knight’s start in the wrestling business came about when she met her husband. She left a regular job and went with him on the road and for the first 4 years he would train her as they went about their business on the road. She notes it was a long 4 years because women wrestlers weren’t looked at the same back then.
Her husband taught her how to wrestle like a man so people wouldn’t criticize her, and they wrestled roughly 340 days a year. She notes that they’d be begging for a day off, but it was impossible not to get better because they were working everyday and honing their craft.

She mentions that she was involved in multiple scary situations over the years. The wrestling business was a different place back then, and she’s had to fight for her life in order to get out of buildings due to heat from audiences. She recalls one specific beating where she was attacked by fans which resulted in cuts bruises and a broken coccyx. She had to go back to the same building shortly after for another show and she was absolutely terrified, but she did it.
Garcia asks Knight about her daughter Paige’s struggles over the last couple of years. Knight says it was very hard to hear Paige say that she was considering suicide. The biggest gift you can give someone is life, and the thought of Paige taking that away was terrifying. Everyone makes mistakes, but Paige is in a position where people are more critical of her mistakes, and that was the case last year. Knight says she was a wreck during that time.

Knight says Paige has the family fighting spirit, and she’ll find a way to beat anything that comes at her. She proved that by pulling through that scary situation, and now she’s back on top of the world as GM of Smackdown Live.
Knight informs that she always thought WWE was out of her reach. Working for WWE was not really an opportunity for her when she was beginning her career, but if she was starting now it would be infinitely possible for her to make that dream come true. She notes that her and Paige’s father cried their eyes out when Paige made it to WWE because that’s every wrestler’s dream.

It was terribly heartbreaking for them to watch Paige suffer a career-ending injury. It was even harder for them to watch her retirement speech, especially when a tear rolled down Paige’s face. Knight has so much respect for WWE for always being there for Paige when they couldn’t be. This was proven again when WWE promptly made her GM of Smackdown Live.

Knight informs that she grew up in a small fishing village, and she vaguely remembers the happiness of friends and family during her early years. She recalls her mother and father splitting up and her mother had to work multiple jobs in order to pay the bills. Her mother then met her soon-to-be stepfather, and unfortunately that led to him eventually abusing her.
At 15 years old she ran away from home and lived on the streets because she couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. She worked very hard to make some money, and then one day she was mugged and all of her money was stolen. She went back to work again, and then one day she was drugged and brought to an abandoned house where she was gang-raped for multiple days.

She was found, hospitalized and eventually she recovered. She was still a child and didn’t know how to deal with what she had been through. Shortly after she was raped again, and after that she tried to commit suicide. Luckily, she wasn’t successful in her suicide attempt and eventually she moved to another part of the country and met Paige’s father.
She notes that she’s very close with her husband, and her priorities are her family and working in the wrestling business. She admits that she’s not a very good friend because she doesn’t really have time to focus on anything other than her family and wrestling.

She admits that Paige has helped her career greatly, and she’s not sure where her career would be right now if Paige didn’t make it to WWE. Regardless, she plans to ride this wave as long as she can because she’s addicted to wrestling.
That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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