WWE Continues To Scrub “Saudi Arabia” From Crown Jewel Mentions On Social Media

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WWE was holding their Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd, but it seems like that might be up in the air at this point. There has been pressure from fans, US politicians, and other organizations for WWE to reconsider their big-money show in Riyadh, and now it looks like WWE could be quietly relenting to the pressure.

It appears that WWE has been editing their YouTube content as well, especially in regards to the descriptions. We could not find any Saudi Arabia references in content posted about the Crown Jewel event.

There are a couple videos up with interviews where Saudi Arabia is spoken, but any text with the words Saudi Arabia is gone. In fact, if you search WWE’s YouTube account at this point for “Saudi Arabia” the only mention you will see is from the Greatest Royal Rumble which is interesting considering the announcement videos for Crown Jewel certainly had Saudi Arabia in the text and/or title of the video.

If you search “Saudi Arabia Crown Jewel” you get a video from the Greatest Royal Rumble and another video which you can see below of Superstars drifting cars in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which was set to host the Crown Jewel event.

WWE has also done a very good job going back and taking care of some tweets as well. Their Instagram account looks about the same as any mention of Saudi Arabia or a location is scrubbed and it simply seems they’re going with the branding of “WWE Crown Jewel” without any mention of where it is taking place.

This is a very interesting situation and we will continue to monitor these events as they unfold.

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