We really don’t know what Cody Rhodes is up to. They made an agreement within the Being The Elite guys that where ever they go, they will go together, but it seems there are even more questions that have risen in recent weeks.
Chody, who is a member of the Elite alignment of the Bullet Club, recently posted on social media that “this will be my final Bullet Club affiliated shirt (and it’s my favorite one)” while he was trying to promote a sale currently going on at Pro Wrestling Tees (where you can also pick up your own RSN merch as well).
Rhodes knows what he’s doing and very well could be stirring up some controversy to create buzz for his t-shirts, after all, he relies on fan support for a lot of his paydays because without fans he wouldn’t make much as a pro wrestler. But it’s still a very interesting way to word things.
Only time will tell what Cody, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page do when the time comes and Kenny Omega might be an even bigger question mark. But it certainly sounds like Cody isn’t planning on getting any more Bullet Club merch made for himself.

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H Jenkins

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