X-Pac opens today’s show by talking about the main event of UFC 229. He says that he’d never justify Khabib’s actions after the fight, when he jumped the cage and attacked McGregor’s camp in the audience, but there’s no denying that McGregor poked the bear one too many times. He also points out that UFC fostered this atmosphere through their promotion of this fight.
Nonetheless, UFC made a pile of money and sold a boatload of PPVs this past weekend. X-Pac thinks there’s going to be a rematch between these two fighters and he’s sure that fight will make millions of dollars as well.

X-Pac congratulates Buddy Murphy on winning the Cruiserweight Title at Super Show Down last weekend. He points out that Murphy is somewhat of a powerhouse in the cruiserweight division and he likes that. He also likes the realism of Murphy struggling with his weight in order to stay under the 205 weight limit.
X-Pac notes that it’s important for the cruiserweights to continue to work on their characters because it takes so much to impress people nowadays. There are plenty of performers around the world who can work the high-flying style, and unless you work on the subtleties of your in-ring work as well as your character development you’ll be left behind.

X-Pac really enjoyed the main event match between The Undertaker and Triple H. He points out that the match was long and followed a typical formula, but those guys are such good storytellers that they made it work. He points out that Triple H can still go an hour in the ring even if he doesn’t train because his cardio is so good. He does note however, that some performers looked slower than normal in some spots and he attributes that to the lengthy travel prior to working the show.
X-Pac is happy to see Shawn Michaels return to action. He respects Michaels for staying retired for as long as he did, but he also respects Michaels for deciding to come out of retirement at this point. He’s sure Michaels’ future depends on how this tag match goes in Saudi Arabia, but he suspects Michaels will be working more matches in the future, perhaps at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.
As for the DX reunion, X-Pac notes that he hasn’t booked a plane ticket to Saudi Arabia yet.

X-Pac welcomes “Bad Boy” Joey Janela to the show.
Janela talks about his infamous fall from a building into the back of a pickup truck. He notes that while that mightn’t have been a great idea, the publicity he received from that match helped him make a name for himself in the business. He informs that he severed him thumb badly when he landed in the back of the truck, and doctors had to basically reattach his thumb.

Janela has since gained notoriety by working matches with people like Dan Severn and Marty Jannetty. Some fans were suspicious of Janela’s ability to have a good match with Jannetty due to some of Jannetty’s health issues. Janela says he basically kept Jannetty on a leash all weekend to ensure he didn’t have a night on the town, but the match turned out to be terrific and Jannetty looked great during the bout.
Jalena says it was very neat to work ALL IN. This was the biggest crowd he worked in front of and it was cool to be invited by The Young Bucks, who are at the front of something special right now. He feels so fortunate to be where he is right now with very little training, especially since he had a bad attitude when he was younger.

X-Pac says he loves the look and the persona Janela has created for himself. Janela points out that when his bookings started to pick up he began thinking of ideas to make himself stand out. His “bad boy” gimmick basically stemmed from a social media joke, and Rhett Titus from ROH ran with it and basically made it stick as a nickname.
Janela points out that William Regal has given him the same advice multiple times now. Regal continues to tell him to stop doing crazy stuff and to limit his dangerous bumps. Janela says he understands Regal’s point, but he’s been wrestling that style for over a decade now and hasn’t had a serious injury. He thinks he’s developed a way to protect himself.

The funny part of that, is he recently injured himself badly on a routine crossbody to the outside that he’s done hundreds of times. He torn his ACL and MCL and did a whole bunch of damage to his knee. He knew right away that he’d done a lot of damage because his leg went numb, and although he managed to finish the match, he picked up a mic afterwards and told the live crowd that he’d be out of action for a while.
Luckily his surgery is covered by insurance, so although fans have asked about starting a GoFundMe for him, he refused and urged them to donate elsewhere. X-Pac encourages those fans to simply buy some of Janela’s merchandise as that will help him financially as he recovers from this injury.

He says he doesn’t really have a lot of pain right now and he could probably jog down the street if he had to, but after his surgery the doctors have told him it’ll take him a long time just to learn to walk again. Regardless, he’s looking forward to healing up and making a triumphant return at some point in the future.
That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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